ASTM C 109

KEM FLOOR CSL 100 is a blend of specially selected cements, graded aggregates, synthetic polymers and workability aids. It is supplied as a dry powder requiring only, the addition of water to produce a smooth free flowing and self leveling smoothing coat, which can be laid to a feather edge. When thickness greater than 10mm are required, washed concrete sand can be added in equal proportions (if sand is added the product becomes trowellable and is no longer self-leveling).

Application Areas:

For leveling out uneven floor surfaces prior to covering with floor finishes e.g. tiles, carpeting, linoleum, rubber and other sheet flooring.

Dosage / Coverage:

Normal application thickness is up to 3mm. (Max. 10mm) 2 Coverage is approx. 2.5 kg/m at 1.5 mm thick.

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